Plug and play. No coding. Affordable.
Make your own smart automated system and manage it over the internet.

Electricians, makers, engineers, inventors: You can now design and make any relevant and affordable automated system and manage it online.

Before the advent of Easy Control, you had to rely on electronics and ICT specialists to be part of the automation world. With Easy Control, you are empowered to design and create any kind of automated solution, from simple prototypes to sophisticated industrial systems.

Make your ideas a reality!

If you know how to describe your need, Easy Control will make it real for you.
Easy control is suitable for any kind of application. From hobbyists to industries. From conception to operation.

This video demonstrates an end-to-end application. Creating an automated system is now as easy as pie!

Unlock your creativity!

Go build solutions for a better world! Energy efficiency. Smart Cities. Prototype. Smart Agriculture. Culture or Education....
There are things to invent and improve everywhere.


Automation for all!

Easy Control is designed to be universal, powerful, open, easy to use and affordable.
We want to bring you the best the industry and DIY worlds can provide.


The field of application is extensive.

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DIYers and hobbyists

Easy Control can contribute to home automation, alarms, swimming pools and gardens, smart plantations, artistic setups, aquarium, electrical trains, computer modding, funky inventions of all kinds. There is virtually no limit to your imagination!

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Small and mid-size companies

Because our solution is both flexible and robust, they can implement affordable, pragmatic and operational systems. Easy Control can be installed with conventional electric boxes.

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Larger companies can use our platform to create workable prototypes, then go for mass production in a very cost-effective way.

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Local governments or cities

Easy Control is a nice tool to do some real-life experiments of the Smart City concepts. Or use it to contribute to solving utilities networks and management issues.

Should you come up with an innovative solution based on Easy Control, let us know!

We consider building specific controllers and would be more than happy to discuss the opportunity to launch a product together.

Let's start the automation revolution together!

We offer two main products: Easy Control and Easy Control Pi.
As we value affordability, we have kept the price point as reasonable and as low as possible, so everyone can access it.


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